Flamingo Trolley Speaker RM-2603

VOLUME: Adjusts sound output.
MIC.VOL (Microphone Volume): Adjusts the volume of the microphone.
ECHO (microphone echo): Adjusts the echo depth of microphone.
MIC IN (microphone input jack) connects the plug of the wire microphone to speaker.
POWER (Power Switch): power control of sound amplifier instead of the charging power. When the adaptor is connected, the battery charging is not controlled by the switch.
LIGHT SW (Light Switch): set this switch to ON to turn on the LED for the woofer.
DC15V IN (15V DC Power Input): Interface for external power AC adaptor; please use only the original adapter provided with the speaker.
CHAR (indicator lamp battery power): when the power adaptor is connected, the indicator lamp will be lit and battery will charge.
FULL (Indicator Lamp Full Charge): when AC adapter is used to charge the battery, this light signifies when full charge is achieved.
WIRELESS MIC ANT (built-in microphone antenna): when you use wireless microphone, please make sure the antenna is pointing vertically upward to maximize receiving effect.
12V BATTERY IN (external 12V battery interface): please carefully check the anode and cathode when connection and applied connection line can not be smaller than 0.75 square meters.
AUX INPUT: connect your MP3 player here using the 1/8” input.
INPUT SELECTOR: press this button to set the input to AUX/LINE IN or USB/MICRO SD/Bluetooth.
REPEAT SELECTOR: press the REPEAT track button to switch between repeating the CURRENT track and repeating ALL tracks.
PLAY/PAUSE: press this button to pause the signal from the USB flash drive OR micro SD card or Bluetooth inputs.
FM TUNER MODE: press and hold this button to begin an automated search search for all available FM stations. All FM stations that are found will be saved to memory.
PREVIOUS TRACK: when in USB/MICRO SD CARD and Bluetooth mode, press this button to go to the previous track. When in FM tuner mode, press this button to go to the previously stored FM station.
NEXT TRACK: When the USB/MICRO SD card and Bluetooth mode, press this button to go to the next track. When in FM tuner mode, press this button to go to the next saved FM station.

To connect a Bluetooth device (ie smart phone) follow the steps listed below. Be sure that the volume knobs on the model are turned down to prevent damaging the speakers. Press the input selector button to set the input Bluetooth. Turn on the Bluetooth connection on your Bluetooth device and search for Bluetooth devices. Locate the speaker and pair with it.

This product has been installed with battery to enhance your experience for outdoor/portable use. Please fully charge the battery before use. This product has a power switch circuit. When you connect the AC adaptor to a power source the speaker will switch to the power supplied by the AC adaptor automatically and charge the built-in battery. When the AC adaptor is unplugged it will automatically switch to the built-in battery for power. When the AC adaptor is used to charge the battery you will see a red light on the back of your unit. When fully charge the light turns to green. All batteries have a service life. To maximize and prolong your batteries life please do the following; initially the battery will require 8-10 hours to fully charge. Overtime the charging time is reduced.

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