Karaoke Microphone Kortek KHM-500

portable wireless Karaoke perfect for entertainment anywhere............

■ Connects to TV with RCA input (NTSC/PAL)
■ HDMI 1.3 support (Resolution: 1080x720)
■ Over 3000 songs (English, Hindi and other Regional Songs)
■ 6 song pack slots to add more Songs
■ On screen Lyrics
■ Change settings with MIC or Remote(full function)
■ Image and Video background themes which can be customize by using your own image and video
■ Multimedia Play (support MP3. MPEG and JPEG files) through USB Drive
■ Reserve up to 45 songs
■ Favorite Song selection up to (45 songs )
■ Song Recording through USB Drive
■ Song search- Enter song numbers or sort songs by page
■ Real – Time – Score
■ Melody adjustment (Standard, Weak , Pro, Hard)
■ Echo, Key, Tempo, Interlude Jump, Volume Control
■ Repeat Mode: Repeat, Continuous, All, Random and 1-Phrase
■ Microphone Battery status indicator
■ Male/ Female function- Change voice pitch
■ System Software updates
Download Hindi songs's list
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