ENJOY Singing like a Star

A new level of Entertainment.

With 4000 songs in 9 different languages along with a wireless mic singing never stops with LG Songstar. Empower your entertainment with amazing features like Song Recording, Song Reservation, Favourite Song Storage, Real Time Scoring and Real Competition. Enjoy high quality entertainment anytime anywhere.

LG – NK230
■ 4000 Songs in 9 Languages. (Hindi – 1500, English – 1800, Gujrati – 100, Telugu – 100, Bengali – 100, Marathi – 100, Tamil – 100, Punjabi – 100, Malayalam – 100)
■ Real Time Scoring - Evaluates your performance and displays your score.
■ Song Recorder - Records upto 60 songs in the chip.
■ Real Competition - Interactive entertainment - Compete as a group.
■ Echo Control - For those who are new singers or for those who find it difficult to match their vocal to with the melody of the song which they want to sing this feature will support them with concert Hall Effect.
■ Song Lyrics in 2 Languages- Hindi and English.
■ Song Reservation - Make reservation of songs that you or your group wants to sing next while other songs are being played.
■ Favourite Songs storage - Store up to 45 no of your all time Favorite songs in the Mic which will remain even after the Power Off.
■ Group Song Battle - It is a unique feature which increase your entertainment at highest level when you are in group and can compete with each other the.
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