Persang Karaoke New Revolution PK-8164 (Karaoke Microphone)

  • MRP: Rs 12500.00
  • Sellling Price:
  • Rs 10,600

Persang New Revolution (Karaoke Microphone) – Revolution – Revolution to suit every pocket, powerful microphone keeping in mind singer.


¦ Color change for Male/Female/Chorus Singers so now no waiting for your turn, your system indicates a special sign for Male/Female/Chorus on the screen which will tell you who will sing.
¦ These songs are digitally configured.
¦ Turn on/off switch of melody to learn new songs .
¦ Total Song Bank of 6402 which comprises of (Hindi, English, Konkani, Gujarati, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Telugu and Tamil)
Real time scoring to improve your ability.
¦ Can connect extra wired or wireless MIC.
¦ Pitch Control to be a perfect singer.
¦ Alphabetical & Numerical Song search.
¦ Key (Scale) control to suit your voice.
¦ Echo control.
¦ Music & Mic Volume Increase/Decrease.


AV ChannelVideo Channel
Dimensions23*35*7.5 cm
Weight1 kg
Voltage6.0V (+/-0.3V)
Resolution720*480 (NTSC)
Image colorIndice 256 color
Operation Temperature0-500c
Power Supply100-250 v AC 50Hz