BMB Subwoofer CSH-W200

BMB Subwoofer CSH-W200


System 1 Way 1 Speaker & Wooden case
Woofer Unit 20 cm Paper Cone Type × 1 unit
Max Input Power 300 W × 2
Rating Input Power 150 W × 2
Dimensions (mm) 290 (W) × 527 (H) ×253.5 (D) & Weight 8.28 kg


The maximum input power of the speaker is 300 W (peak). Too high input power may damage the karaoke speaker, so please do pay attention to keeping the power within the specification. Even if the maximum power output of the power amplifier is lower than 300 W, do not regulate the speaker to very high volume, or allow it to broadcast distorted sound, which may damage the speaker.

  1. Subwoofer
  2. Manual

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