Flamingo Bluetooth Speaker PK9700

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Flamingo Bluetooth Speaker PK9700

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Bluetooth device like Smartphone, Tablet or PC etc.

  1. Long Press 3 Seconds to Switch between ON/OFF
  2. Switch on the bluetooth audio device & search for the Bluetooth 2.1 version, click the bluetooth name to pair them. After pairing, you will hear the indication sound.
  3. When the pairing is ready, play music on the audio device.


  1. When the Speaker is Connected to your Smartphone via Bluetooth, if a call comes in, just a simple touch on the phone mark on the Speaker, then you can talk with your friends freely.


  1. It works with Smartphone, Computer, Tablet, most of audio device, it enables us multiple speaker playing music at the same time.



  1. ON/OFF: Long Press Switch Machine.
  2. Mode Switch: Press this key to switch mode, the mode order is Bluetooth, TF/USB, LINE IN.
  3. Bluetooth Pairing Button:
    In bluetoothmode: short press to disconnect Bluetooth connection.Line in mode/USB mode/TF card mode: short press the switch to Bluetooth Pairing mode.
  4. Previous Switch/VOL: Short Press to choose previous track/long press the volume down.
  5. Play / Pause:
    In MP3 mode: you can use this button play or stop the music.
    In Line In Mode: you can use this button to make the machine mute.
    In Bluetooth Mode: long press this button to call last call, short press to hang up or stop playing music.
  6. Next/VOL: short press to choose next music / long press the volume increases.
  7. Charging instruction light: Red-charging/green-charging finished.
  8. Line in mode/USB mode/TF card mode light:Blue.
  9. Power on instruction light: White
  10. CHARGING INDICATOR:The red lights when charging. When the red lights turns green, charging is Finished.
  11. ATTENTION:The USB function only for the products with USB interface.


Color:    Sliver
Product Size:   18:5.50:5.50mm
Product Weight:  0.42kg
Frequency Range:  10M
Input Voltage  5W
Output Power 2w x 2
Bluetooth Version 2.1
Support TF Card & USB

  1. Speaker
  2. charging cable
  3. Manual

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