Karaoke Speaker 2.1

Karaoke Speaker 2.1

2,750 2,450

A product specially designed for music lovers with built in Radio and will give special effect to your voice and customers having LED/LCD should buy to enjoy good quality sound for Karaoke and you will really love to sing on this speakers.

This product is for India only.


Trouble Shooting

Please check the following guide for the possible cause and solution for a problem before contacting the nearest service center or dealer for the repairs

Basic Rotatory Knobs

  1. Treble – Rotate Clockwise for Treble & anti clockwise for Treble
  2. Bass – Rotate clockwise for Bass & anti clockwise for Bass
  3. Volume – Rotate clockwise for Volume & anti clockwise for Volume

Other Push Keys

  1. PP/Scan – Fuction Play/Pause in USB/MMC mode & auto scan in FM mode
  2. Mode – For USB/MMC/Fm selection
  3. Next/Tune  – In USB/MMC mode selects next song & in FM mode scans forward
  4. Prev./Tune  – In USB/MMC mode selects previous song & in FM mode scans back
  5. Line in, MMC – For selection b/w DVD & USB/MMC/Digital FM Receiver Module
  6. Power – Power ON/OFF for USB/MMC/FM Function
  7. Mode – Mode selection button, USB/MMC/FM is optional
  8. Mute – Effective in both the modes – FM & USB/MMC
  9. In USB/MMC mode is play/pause
  10. In USB/MMC mode, select Prev/Next song & in the FM Mode, Tunes -/
  11. EQ – In USB/MMC mode, five sound button (Jazz, Rock, BAss, Normal, Class), can select based on your favorite
  12. Vol – Effective in both the modes – FM & USB/MMC, decreases volume to min.
  13. Vol  – Effective in both the modes – FM & USB/MMC, increases volume to max.
  14. 0 to 9 – In the FM mode selects the radio channel & in the USB/MMC mode select the song
  15. RPT – In USB and MMC/SD card playbility press once for repeat 1, press twice for repeat all and Press thrice for repeat OFF
  16. SCN – FM mode is auto – search for radio frequency & auto save in channels

  1. Speaker
  2. Power Adapter
  3. Manual

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