Bass Hunter XM-19

Bass Hunter XM-19

2,750 2,000

  1. Battery Capacity: 890 mah
  2. Charging Voltage: DC 5V
  3. Volume Level: 32
  4. Transmission Distance: 10M
  5. Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
  6. Working Voltage: about 35mA
  7. SNR: >=80dB
  8. Weight: 196g
  9. Distortion: <1%



  1. Startup: push the starting key to “ON”
  2. Shutdown: push the starting key to “OFF”
  3. Mode conversion: Long press: switch Bluetooth, radio and card mode.
  4. Bluetooth connection:
    After the startup, it will enter Bluetooth mode. When searching automatically, the indicator will flash.
    Open the mobile phone’s Bluetooth device, search the device name “B19” and click on the connection, the indicator will light long after realizing a successful connection.
  5. Bluetooth music: Under the state of successful connection to Bluetooth, you can open the player to play music at this moment.
    |<< / Click: last song Long press: volume
    >>| /- Click: next song Long press: volume-
  6. Bluetooth call: Under the Bluetooth state, if there is a telephone intervention, click the phone to answer; During calling, click the phone key to end; long press the phone key to reject an incoming call; double-click the phone key to call back the last outgoing number in the call records of redialing.
  7. FM mode: M/>||
    Click: search platform automatically
    Long press: switch radio
    |<< /
    Click: last long
    Long press: volume
    >>| /-
    Click: next song
    Long press: volume-
  8. TF mode: Insert TF card into the card slot of Headset, the headset will enter the TF card mode and play songs automatically. Short press “<<” “>>” key to switch on the last or next song and long press this key to adjust the volume level.
  9. AUX mode: Insert 3.5mm radio cable and the other card can end can connect with the audio interfaces of computer, mobile phone or other digital products.
  10. Self-timer: Under the Bluetooth state, double-click “M />||” key for self-timer. (Phones with Android system need to set the volume key as shutter function)
  11. CHARGING INDICATOR: When the power is low, the prompt will remind you to charge.
  12. Charge the headphone: When you finish using the power of headphone and charge the head-phone for the first time, the indicator will long and the red indicator will go out after fully charged
Color:    Black & Red
Product Size:   18:5.50:5.50mm
Product Weight:  0.49kg
Frequency Range:  10M
Input Voltage  5W
Output Power 3w x 2
Bluetooth Version 2.401
Play Time 5-8 hours
S/N: 80db
Distortion: 1%w1KHz
Support TF Card & USB
USB Charging: DC5VIN
FM frequency 87.5 – 108 MHz
Bluetooth frequency 2.401 to 2.480 GHz
Bluetooth Range 10 meters
Frequency Response 50hz – 20KHz
Output power 35mw
Signal to noise ratio 88db
Changing time 2 hours
Frequency range 20KHz to 2000 KHz
Sensitivity 90db/mW
Impedance value 3.2Ω
Drive unit 40mm
Duration of machine time 12 – 13 hours
Transmission distance 10 meters
Battery capacity 250ma
Transmission frequency 2402 MHz to 2480 MHz

  1. Headphone
  2. Manual

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